Name of Instrument Make Model Quantity of Instrument Application
Anemometer Lutron Van Type 03 Nos.
  • Measurement of Air Velocity & Calculate Air Changes per Hour (ACPH)
Anemometer Lutron Hot Wire 03 Nos.
  • Measurement of Air Velocity & Calculate Air Changes per Hour (ACPH)
Capture Hood (Balometer) HR Technology ACH-1 01 Nos.
  • Measurement of Air Flow in CFM
  • Pressure Balancing
  • Air Balancing
Aerosol Photometer TEC PH 5 03 Nos.
  • HEPA filter leakage (Integrity) Testing
Aerosol Generator ATI 6 Nozzle 04 Nos.
  • Generate fine Aerosol particle for HEPA filter leakage (Integrity) Test
Air Born (Non Viable) Particle Counter (100 Ltr. Flow rate)
Lasair III - 5100
02 Nos.
01 Nos.
  • Measurement of Airborn Particle Count in Clean Room, Clean Zones & Compressed Air / Nitrogen Gas
Smoke Generator Milicolt Milicolt-4 01 Nos.
  • Air Flow Direction and Visualization Study
  • Containment Test
Compressed Air / Nitrogen Gas Test Kit Lotus Engg. NA 02 Nos.
  • Compressed Air / Nitrogen Gas Quality test
HPD (High Pressure Diffuser) M K Technology 100 LPM 01 Nos.
  • Set the Compressed Gas flow for particle count testing.
Digital Dew Point transmitter TESTO 6740 01 Nos.
  • Measurement of Pressure & Atmospheric Dew point, and Humidity in Compressed Air / Nitrogen Gas.
Pure Steam Test kit Lotus Engg. NA 02 Nos.
  • Pure Steam Quality Testing
Wireless Temperature & % RH Data logger. Testo 174 H 80 Nos.
  • For Temperature % RH Mapping in Storage Area (Ware House), Clean Room, Stability Chamber, and Incubator

Model : LASAIR III 5100

The LASAIR III model 5100 is a portable air particle counter that monitors 6 size channels (0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0, 10.0 and 25.0 um), the sampling rate of 100 LPM allows user to sample one cubic meter in just 10 minutes. The Lasair III has been designed to meet the new ISO 21501 calibration and performance standard. Lasair III particle counter uses the latest IR touch screen with user-friendly interface as well as utilizing a light weight polycarbonate (PC) outer case, exhibiting excellent chemical resistance and has been designed for efficient cleaning and sanitization.

The system includes Ethernet and RS-232 communications outputs, and accepts up to 4 analog 4-20 mA inputs for connectivity to external environmental sensors. It features a built- in thermal printer, user settable alarms, storage of 3,000 sample points and an 8.4 inch color touch screen display. It can be remotely operated from a network PC or used locally via the touch screen, operating from either the included internal Li-Ion batteries or using mains electrical supply.


  • Application
  • Cleanroom particle monitoring
  • Cleanroom certification for ISO, EC GMP, or FS209E
  • Particle counting trend analysis
  • Statistical process control
  • Troubleshooting particle excursions
  • Particle Counter Manifold compatible


AEROSOL PHOTOMETER (PH – 5) - TEC Services make

The PH-5 is the most highly advanced aerosol photometer available today. The PH-5 utilizes a high resolution graphics display providing an easy to read panel display. The extremely simple menu-driven software system utilizes command prompts to inform the user of each setup process. The powerful microprocessor provides control of numerous functions, not available on any other aerosol photometer. The PH-5 plug and play probe is light weight and features remote control of alarm options (includes a visual, audible, and the NEW INNOVATIVE VIBRATING alarm). The machined aluminum housing and heavy duty metal connector to the main unit provides years of trouble-free use. Other upcoming features include electronic storage of the calibration report.

  • High Resolution Graphical Display, Menu-Driven Software Functions
  • Automatic Zeroing and Ranging, Proven LED Light Source (Light Chamber)
  • Reference Settings for Multiple Testing Reagents
  • Retains Reference Settings When Powered Off
  • Displays Upstream Ref. / Concentration Setting
  • Stable at Low Concentrations of Aerosol (≥ 10ug/l)
  • Probe Selectable Audible, Visual, Vibrating Alarms
  • Plug and Play Probe – 12 foot length, USB Interface.
  • Detachable Shoulder Strap, Accepts Worldwide Operating Voltages
  • Storage Area for Probe and Accessories.
  • Hepa Filter Leakage Test, Filter Intigrity Test